Video Conferencing

Save time and money, while driving collaboration

Video Conference
Video Conference
Video Conferencing is an innovative way to remove travel costs and save time when travelling to meet with colleagues and clients. Cleverly integrated visual communications enable a personal, face-to-face meeting experience regardless of location.
Improve relationships and communication with easily integrated systems that provide environmental benefits by reducing the CO2 emissions associated with travel, while saving time and maximising productivity. Capitalise on your existing investments with adaptable technology that is compatible with everything from your everyday desktop, to the most complex of auditorium conferencing arrangements.
Discreetly placed speakers and microphones allow you to hold intuitive conversations, exactly as if the video attendees were in the same room. High quality displays show live images, providing an experience that is more personal and effective than a simple telephone call. The display systems enable live sharing of content that effectively encourages collaboration in real-time.
Making the transition is easy. SCC visual communications specialists can guide you through the whole process, from pre-sales to ongoing support post installation. They are on hand to share their years of experience, having installed similar conferencing facilities for big names, such as BBC Worldwide, Red Bull and Camden Council.
Contact us today to speak to a visual communications expert who can advise you on how Video Conferencing fits best within your business.