Video Conferencing as a Service

We believe that user experience is the most important consideration in successfully providing Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS).

SCC can build a fully managed video conference service to meet your needs. Whether you would prefer a full concierge service with multi lingual personal meet and greet services, automatic call scheduling and launching, or a self-service approach with one click access to our support team should you need it, you can be sure that a VCaaS solution will offer a reliable, consistent experience to ensure global adoption and maximum return on investment.

Our VCaaS video conference platform is built using the latest technologies, hosted in our national data centres and offers a guaranteed quality of service.

Add to this our dedicated video help desk, with 24/7 multi lingual support, national team of video conference engineers, solution architects and project managers and you can be sure SCC will deliver you a video conference platform that will exceed your expectations.

Our VCaaS Lite platform offers simpler, lower cost access to our video conference services. Offering low cost cross platform virtual meeting rooms which users can access from video conference rooms, laptops or mobile devices, VCaaS Lite can provide your business with a first step into a fully managed service, or just a low cost option for video communications.

Whichever route you choose, you can be sure that SCC will guide and support you throughout the design, implementation and ongoing operation of your chosen solution.