Meeting Rooms

Visual Communications bring colleagues and clients into your meeting room, allowing you to connect anytime, anywhere. This enables you to unify your workforce, whilst saving travel time, freeing up schedules to focus on the things that matter to your business.

Sleek, intelligent designs compliment your meeting room environment, seamlessly integrating to provide a professional and stylish experience.

There are a wide range of options, customisable to your unique business needs. Virtual meeting room environments can be created by incorporating audio and video conferencing functionality. This enables face-to-face discussions in real time through a series of discreet microphones, speakers and cameras, with external attendees appearing on customisable displays.

These can be automated or operated via intuitive control systems that are so user friendly, users can simply dive straight in without wasting time on costly training.

Intelligent room management systems provide you with a hassle free room booking experience, with smart displays, that clearly show when a room is available to avoid schedule clashes. Have confidence in your meetings, knowing that SCC provide 24/7 support from readily available AV experts.

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